Special Sessions

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Advancing Studies in Sociolinguistic Variation and Change in German (Tue, Parallel Sessions 4 & 5) – convenors: Beaman & Stratton

Auer, Pfeiffer & Kaufmann – Dialect levelling in German Alemannic and a possible impact of Alsatian Alemannic
Bunk et al. – Sociolinguistic variation in Kiezdeutsch and Namdeutsch
Stratton & Beaman – Fei schee: The social meaning of intensifier use in Swabian
Adli & Engel – What can we learn from microinterviews? (Re-)Using data from an interdisciplinary survey on the very old
Büchler – Sociolinguistic variation in a non-native variety of Swiss German: Romansh migrants in the city of Berne
Vergeiner et al. – Diffusion of Viennese Monophthongization in Austria’s traditional dialects
Lenz, Fanta-Jende & Tavernier – From diglossia to diaglossia – Western speech repertoires in Austria revised
Discussion (Discussant: Sali Tagliamonte)

Borders, Dialects & Standard Varieties (Mon, Parallel Sessions 1 & 2) – convenors: Woolhiser & Dollinger

Grondelaers & Speelman – Measuring standard language dynamics in Belgian and Netherlandic Dutch. Big data meets experimental attitude research
De Ridder – The usage of Belgian Dutch in translated and non-translated (audiovisual) fiction today and its sociolinguistic implications
Watt, Llamas & Brown – Comparing human and computer classification of phonetic features in the Scottish/English border region
Valls – Between dialectometry and sociolinguistics: the analysis of internal border effects
Konczewska – Cross-Border language contacts in the Polish-Belarusian border region in the 21st century
Dollinger – Modelling standard varieties: epistemological considerations, “fail-safes”, and the peculiar case of German
Woolhiser – Identity, language attitudes and language use in the Belarusian-Russian
border region

German in Austria (Thur, Parallel Sessions 9 & 10) – convenor: Lenz

Lenz – Introduction: German in Austria – Variation across registers and structural levels
Fanta-Jende – Speech repertoires and varietal spectra - Eliciting phonological variation on the dialect-standard-axis
Wittibschlager & Korecky-Kröll – Subjunctive II and diminutive as hedging phenomena in German in Austria – Evidence from conversation data and experimental settings
Dorn & Ziegler – Intra- and interindividual variation of lexical variation – Analyses across Austria
Bülow & Elspaß – Investigating dialect syntax in Austria. Empirical findings and methodological considerations
Stöckle – Standard-dialect variation and ideas about linguistic norms in lexicographic data

How about the Listener?: Perceptual Possibilities and Realities in the Study of Language Variation and Change (Mon, Parallel Session 3) – convenor: Preston

McGowan – The limits of perception
Niedzielsi – When your brain tricks your ear
Preston – What lies underneath: Silversteinian nths, indexical fields, sociolinguistic monitors, and attitudinal cognitoria

Mapping Dialect Variation and Change (Wed, Parallel Sessions 7 & 8) – convenors: Elspaß, Palliwoda & Spiekermann

Elspaß & Möller – Mapping change in colloquial German in real and apparent time
Engsterhold, Fischer & Pheiff – Data Presentation in the REDE SprachGIS: Possibilities and Limits (Regionalsprache.de)
Jeszensky – Mapping techniques used to explore dialect variation and change in the project ‘Swiss-German Dialects Across Time and Space’
Krefeld & Mutter – New visualization techniques in dialect geography: The merging of analytic and synthetic mapping in the virtual and interactive cartography of VerbaAlpina
Palliwoda & Spiekermann – Dialectology in work. Research Using the Visual Interface of the DMW-Project

New Methods for a 21st Century Linguistic Atlas Project (Tue, Parallel Session 6) – convenor: Burkette

Fruehwald – Doing Sociophonetics with Linguistic Atlas Project Data
Burkette & Antieau – Leaner, cleaner, and full of attitude: The new Atlas interview
Kretzschmar – The Fractal Structure of Language: How Many Dialects?
Lauersdorf – Use all the LAP data!: Moving toward inductive discovery of patterns and connections in the data of the Linguistic Atlas Project

Panel Research: Methodological Challenges, Practices and Ways Forward (Fri, Parallel Sessions 12 & 13) – convenors: Buchstaller & Beaman

Grama et al. – Socio-demographic trajectory, vowel normalization, and the marriage of auditory and acoustic approaches in assessing lifespan change
Bowie – How old are the moun[ʔə]ns in Utah? Utahn “t-dropping” over time and across the lifespan
Riverin-Coutlée & Harrington – In between Quebec and Hexagonal French: A longitudinal study of front vowels
Gerstenberg – Exploring language use and linguistic attitudes over a decade in later life: a generational “lect”?
Bülow & Wallner – Intra-speaker (in-)stability and varietal coherence across the lifespan: Findings from a real-time panel study in Austria
Beaman – (In)coherence across the linguistic architecture: change in Swabian across the lifespan
Matsumoto & Britain – A moribund Japanese colonial koiné in the Pacific: A panel study of language obsolescence