Social Programme

Wednesday afternoon/evening programme

Here are the times and orga again:

  • gather in the courtyard of Erbacher Hof from 12:30 onwards
  • we will take you to the bus stop in groups
  • there will be one local person on each bus
  • there will be 4 buses in total
  • another local person will be at the bus stop to help

The following programme is included in the conference fee:

Chartered buses will take us from Mainz city centre (Fischtorplatz bus stop on the Rhine River side - cross the road carefully!) to Bingen, where we board the MS Rhenus for a ca. 3.5h Rhine cruise upriver (as far as we get!; departure ca. 14:00). We will be dropped off at ca. 17:30 in Trechtingshausen at the foot of Burg Reichenstein, where our conference dinner takes place. From ca. 22:00 onwards, buses will pick us up at the foot of Burg Reichenstein and take us back to Mainz city centre (Fischtorplatz).

It will be possible to book additional tickets for the Wednesday afternoon programme for accompanying family/spouses etc. during the registration process.

Bus charter/transport

Please make sure you don't miss the buses! While it is easy to get to Bingen on your own, you will struggle getting back to Mainz in the evening from Trechtingshausen by public transport. Buses will leave from 22:00 from the side of the road at the bottom of the castle – walk down the road and make a right when you hit the main road at the bottom of the hill.

Rhine river cruise

We'll board the Rhenus in Bingen and go up-river (as far as the current allows) through the UNESCO World Heritage site "Mittelrheintal". We will be dropped off in Trechtingshausen where we need to climb up (paved road, distance ca. 750m) to Burg Reichenstein so we'll have earned our dinner 🙂

We are still finalising details, but some drinks will probably be included on the boat. There will also be the option to purchase a small selection of food and also additional drinks on board.

Conference dinner

The dinner at Burg Reichenstein includes the entance fee to the grounds so make sure you take a stroll around before, during or after dinner.

Dinner consists of an aperitif and fingerfood, an outdoors BBQ buffet (including vegetarian options) including first drinks (including wine), and a dessert.

Saturday programme

Below are some options we plan on offering for Saturday, August 6. You will be able to book these during registration.

Mainz guided city tour (incl. Gutenberg Museum)

  • ca. 2.5-3 hours (walking tour) including a guided tour of the Gutenberg Museum
  • we will take reservations during registration
  • min. number of participants: 17; max. 25
  • 10 EUR per ticket

Mainz guided city tour

  • ca. 1.5-2 hours (walking tour)
  • we will take reservations during registration
  • min. number of participants: 17; max. 25
  • 7 EUR per ticket

Highlights of Rheinhessen tour

  • 6-hour guided bus tour (ca. 10:00 to 16:00)
  • including bus charter and two representatives of the "wine region Rheinhessen" as tour guides
  • visits a lovely village for a typical light lunch (included), a beautiful church (short guided tour), and stops at 2 vineyards (including wine cellar tour) with wine tasting (at both; sparkling wine, 3 wines; all included)
  • there will also be the chance to take a lovely walk (ca. 1 hour) through the rolling vineyards typical of the area, enjoying some beautiful views -- but bring a hat and sunscreen!
  • we will take reservations during registration
  • min. number of participants: 30; max. 55 (one bus only)
  • 70 EUR per ticket


Every Saturday in summer, the famous "Mainzer MarktfrĂĽhstĂĽck" takes place on the cathedral square ("Liebfrauenplatz"). If you're still around on Saturday morning, enjoy some snacks and wine and soak up the atmosphere!