Corona virus – current information

At the end of May 2022, the laws which allowed individual measures that businesses and schools or universities could take expired. Consequently, among other things, the wearing of face masks is suggested, but no longer required, indoors (shopping, events, etc.). We will notify conference participants immediately should any of this change.

We currently plan to ask participants to wear masks indoors – we are a large international group and vaccination statuses will differ, as do the rules and regulations in your home countries and you might face  severe difficulties if you are infected while in Germany. Please take all measures you believe are essential for your personal safety.

Please note: masks are still compulsory on public transport (long and short distance trains, busses, trams).

While our event does not take place on the JGU campus, the JGU website has recent info on the local rules:

(last updated: June 13, 2022)