Info 9-Euro ticket

9-Euro ticket purchasing process (English)

Purchasing a 9-Euro ticket is only cheaper than single tickets if:

- you arrive on or after August 1 so you can travel to AND from Mainz on the August ticket


- if your hotel requires a tram or bus ride in Mainz to get to the conference venue every day (or a combination of both, of course)

Please note: the pictures show the ticket machines in Mainz – the machines at Frankfurt Airport will say "RMV" on them and look green/blue/turquoise in colour; you can see their logo in the first pic centre-right and in the top right corner in the second pic (click on the smaller pics to enlarge). The purchasing process should be similar for all machines though.

Make sure you buy the correct month (August). If you arrive on the 31st of July, it's cheaper to buy a single ticket for the trip on the 31st and buy the 9-Euro ticket for August for the remainder of your stay.










































Kauf 9-Euro Ticket

(siehe oben für Empfehlungen - Kauf lohnt sich nur bei Ankunft ab 01.08. und/oder tägliche Nutzung des ÖPNV in Mainz)